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Unique Steel Artistry

Art with a soul.

Your Vision Brought to Life 

Each piece of art tells a special and unique story. Owner Levi Galloup is a master at helping clients bring their visions to life. 

About Levi

A native of both New York and Michigan, Levi has been using his creativity to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art for years. Levi has a knack for taking a pile of scrap metal or wood and bringing it to life. 

Levi’s Clients


We contacted Levi to build a bench in memory of a dear friend who passed recently. Our only instructions were use wood and steel. What he created was not only far beyond our expectations, but it also embodied her character. A truly special piece of art. 

- Brad & Ali Mitchell


Hebron, NY

Contact Levi

Mobile: 518.636.9035